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Archive Connector – dConn

dConn Archive Connector

Document Archive Connector

dConn archive connector is a standalone component that provides electronic document archiving functionality to any third party system such as ERP, CRM, HR.

dConn Archive Connector

Archive Connector for Everything..

dConn provides an easy way to add electronic document archiving functionality at any system.

Archive Connector


Source is the system that hosts the electronic archiving. 

This system can be dArch which is the electronic document archiving system of dSuite, the file system with specific structure, MS Sharepoint or any other document repository system.


Target is the system that receives document within its native user interface environment.

System can be parametrized accordingly and no additional implementation of the target system is needed.


User with predefined function key retrieves relative document executing dCon within target system native environment without needed to change system.

Archive Connector

Archive Connector for all of your files..

Archive Connector

dArch supports direct file archive at the source archive repository using multiple methods.

Compress and archive.

Archive multiple files as one compressed file. Choose files to compress and archive as one single file. User also can rename, add and remove entries in the compressed file.

Compress and archive.

Combine and archive multiple files as one pdf file. Choose file types of image (bmp, tiff, jpg e.t.c), pdf and ms office (word, excel), combine them as one single file and archive setting also the desired document order. User can also add new files and remove lines from pdf.

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