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dDocs Document Indexing

Document Indexing and Management

Document Indexing

dDocs provides a powerful tool for mass and complex document data entry – document indexing projects.

dDocs provides an image based environment for document indexing and data entry operations integrated with dScan and dWrap modules. This module supports indexing, archiving and data entry procedures, using image or hard copies documents and can also be operated as stand-alone module.
The module can operate with or without database in order to be adopted in any business needs.

dDocs Document Indexing


dDocs Document Indexing
  • Multi Organization

    Supports multiple organizations for outsourcers or group of companies.

  • Multi Application

    Define different applications to cover different needs. Any department of the company like HR, Accounting, Production, etc can setup relative documents based on different specifications.

  • Actions

    Actions can be defined to setup different data entry actions per application.

  • Index Fields

    Rule based index fields can be setup per action and applicaton.

dDocs Document Indexing

Document Indexing with powerful rule engine and screen design to be adopted fast, easy and effective.

dDocs Document Indexing

Define document indexing screen fields easy with..

  • Predefined type (string, number, list, date, etc)
  • Validation limits.
  • Lookup function from various sources such as DB, Xml, ms access.
  • Predefined help function.
  • Auto learning to keep lookup – validation and ocr data consistent.
  • Predefined messages.

Define rules for each field with supporting..

  • Set of rules for each field with execution priority.
  • Calculated fields using build in functions.
  • Calculations between fields.
  • Validations between fields.
  • Calculated validations.
  • Proposed calculated values.
  • Conditions.
dsuite-productivity document indexing

Increase document indexing productivity

dsuite increase data entry speed

Speed up data entry.

  • All operations can be performed from keyboard. Mouse usage decreases productivity breaking the speed flow.
  • Auto learning fields. Keep values needed for further
  • Propose values from OCR or other rule based source.

Support Complexity and Accuracy

Define users / group of users per field.

Ability to separate advanced and low-level users in order to handle different set of fields of the same document. Create effective resource usage and planning as advanced skills users handles only advanced fields data.

Document indexing staging.

Define stages based on input data. Set of fields can be defined based on results to speedup process and handle resources effectively.

Accurate document indexing results.

Define set of fields to be validated by more than one users. Check results and if difference occur send to different user to check and secure final result.

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