dSuite Document management solution – Document management solution

Your document management paperless solution

Scan,  Recognize,  Index,  Archive, Integrate. 

The ultimate electronic document managment solution.


Scan client provides a wide range functionality for mass scanning using twain interface.


OCR support, providing integrated character recognition capabilities including free 
OCR engines.


Flexible multi user imaged based indexing module with powerful rule engine capabilities to automate, speed and secure recognition process.


Search and get your electronic documents from anywhere.
Powerful connector to integrate with third party systems without additional implementation from providers.

dSuite EDMS

dSuite provides document management solutions for all of your needsโ€ฆ!

dSuite is a complete Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that enables various papers to be digitized onto an electronic document allowing access by authorized users.  
 The system has been developed by Locate IT Services and provides an integrated solution for document scanning recognition and archiving.
 dSuite Includes functions for scanning, image processing, ocr/icr image recognition, indexing and electronic archiving.

Modules for every needโ€ฆ!

dSuite provides different modules for every need.
Modules support operations for entire document digitization process.
dSuite aims to streamline the document digitization process efficiently providing flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Scan Client

dScan provides a wide range functionality for mass scanning using twain interface.

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Image Based Indexing

dDocs provides an image based environment for heavy multi user data entry operations integrated with dScan and dWrap modules.

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Job & flow processor

dWrap operates as a standalone application and also as a part of dSuite platform providing a powerful job processor for OCR, image processing etc.

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Electronic Archiving

Module supports document retrieval based on indexing field via web, mobile, fat client devices and feed thru various sources.

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dConnector provides electronic archiving functionality to any third-party system without additional implementation by the vendor of the connected system.

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Itโ€™s flexible..

Scan stations can be in different locations.

dCftp component transfers the images for further processing.

processing using dWrap can be performed from more than one server or client pc stations in order to speedup process.

Verify and Data entry
user can operate form different locations using dDocs in a multi user flexibe envitoment.

users can search and retrieve documents from different locations using web dArch.

Any third party system can be integrated using dConn without additional vendor implementation.


dSuite LITE

Get started today with your document management easy partner.

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dSuiteLITE provides a standalone document management light application for small easy configured installations. System supports different document types, scanning, indexing and archiving all in one bundle solution. 


Industry Solutions

dSuite document management solution can provides services at a wide range of industry.
Multi organization, multi-user and multi-application features supports a wide range of solution for fast and cost-effective document digitization in heavy duty environments. 


dSuite provides a complete document management solution for corporate companies, group of companies or outsourcing service providers.


Supports operation for companies that provide basic amenities, such as  electricity, water, dams, and natural gas, automating any document processes like customer applications, HR, collections and invoices.


Streamline document management operations for cheques, returned mail, customer applications, collections, invoices and any process that occurs in financial sector (Banks, Insurance and others)


Provide document management support for a wide range of operations such as facility management, public applications, tax documents and others.


Supports various document management operations for companies in healthcare sector automating any document processes like customer applications, HR, invoices.

Use Cases..

dSuite streamlines any document flow demand very easy, providing flexibility, usability and cost effectiveness.
Reduce processing cost and secure the process and your documents using dSuite document management solution.

Cheque Processing

Process supports remote branch scanning,  centralized recognition and multi-user verification process for heavy duty environments.
dSuite helps to reduce cost, speed up and automate cheque recognition efficiently.

Invoice Recognition

dSuite provides an out of the box solution for invoice recognition.
Process supports invoice receiving from various sources such as email, ftp, remote scanning, automating process recognition and verification.
dArch provides easy access to documents and dConn connect any ERP with electronic archiving fast easy and secure. 

Application forms

Any application form can be easily recognized using dSuite document management solution.
OCR/ICR features provides recognition reducing data entry effort.
Multi-level validation rules with optical recognition secure data capture and indexing results.


dSuite is a product of Locate IT Services



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