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dArch electronic archiving

Electronic Archiving

dArch electronic archiving supports document retrieval based on indexing fields with unlimited parameterized reports per application and user access security.



Defining reports.

Support multiple reports per application.
Administrator can setup reports based on demands and users writes.


  • Access report based on user or group of users.
  • Security per field and data. Include or exclude specific value(s) of field(s) to filter data.
  • Allow access based on user credentials.


  • Fat client. Windows client to access archived data.
  • Thin client access. Use web browser to access data using internet or intranet.
  • Web service api. Use web service to retrieve documents.
  • dConnector. Provides easy access from any third party system (HR, CRM, ERP) without development needed.

Platform supports GDPR requirements for data security based on bellow functionality.

User access management.

  • User login credentials with user name and password.
  • Group of users for easy management.
  • Password requiremtnts setup.
  • Password reset period.
  • Password encryption.
  • Login and action logging.

File and data security.

Each entry consists of a compressed file that contains both the image file (or any other type of archived file in the system) along with the metadata file in xml format.
System provides multiple levels of security and described below.

  • Set password in compressed file without encrypting containing data. Based on this process, the user must know the compressed file password to access the data.
  • Compressed file encryption using Symmetric Key Cryptography without setting compressed file password. Based on this process, the user must decrypt the file to access the containing data using decryption key.
  • Set compressed file password and encrypt containing data. Provides additional data security using both of the above protection methods.

Both encryption key and password are defined by the customer and are kept encrypted secured in the system.

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