Document Scanning – dScan – dSuite Document management solution

Document Scanning – dScan

dscan document scanning

Document Scanning Solution.

Scan & Index fast easy and flexible.

dScan document scanning provides a wide range functionalityย 

for mass scanning and indexing.

Document scanning features

  • Interface

    Twain interface support. Also module can be integrated with any native scanner provided api.

  • Form Indexing

    Index on document scanning with flexible field indexing definition.

  • Lookup

    Lookup fields on indexing from various sources like xml, Database, csv file is supported to secure data entry.

  • Validation

    Indexing field validation is supported to secure data entry accuracy.

dscan document scanning settings
  • File name

    Dynamic file name generation is supported. Create image file name based on indexing fields.

  • Image preview

    Preview and manage scanned images after scanning before further processing.

  • Metadata

    Index data can be used to produce the image file name and also can be available for further processing as an xml file.

dsuite-productivity document indexing

Increase production speed

dsuite increase data entry speed

Speed up data entry.

dScan can be used as an efficient tool for any scanning operation. 

Module provides the perfect solution for any business environment covering small and medium-sized enterprises and large organizations as well.

Module is a part of dSuite, can operate as a standalone solution, and can also integrate with any other system to providing a full document digitizing solution.

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