Document Workflow Manager – dWrap – dSuite Document management solution

Document Workflow Manager – dWrap

Document Workflow and Job Manager

dWrap is a document workflow and job manager module supporting operations for OCR, image clearing and any other batch document processing operations.

dWrap operates as a standalone application and also as a part of dSuite platform, providing a complete automated document management solution.


Module includes, core operations functions for document processing and definition module to setup processes in batch or real-time mode.

dWrap Core features.

dWrap Definition features.

Increase speed process

Multi client processes.

Multiple dWrap processes can be activated on one or more workstations or servers in order to operate efficiently in heavy work load environments.

Process automation.

Module supports features for batch processing automation such as time scheduled jobs and process triggering based on events.

Module is a part of dSuite, can operate as a standalone solution, and can also integrate with any other system to providing a full document digitizing solution.

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